More voices to be heard

CHH Resident Services Coordinator Ashley Palar is working with the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance on a non-partisan voter engagement campaign. They are committing to increase voter turn-out in underserved communities.

Ashley says:
“At Capitol Hill Housing, we often interact with individuals who may experience barriers to voting. We have an opportunity to help folks overcome some of those barriers by providing voter registration materials at application or lease signing time and at community events planned throughout the summer. This makes it possible for more voices to be heard and the issues that are important to all of our communities to be addressed.”

Learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved – read Ashley’s post at the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance blog.

The Haines Apartments

On Tuesday, CHH purchased the Haines Apartments, a Capitol Hill building providing homes for 30 low-income elderly and disabled residents.

Located at 1415 E. Olive Street, the Haines Apartments is a 3-story brick walk up, built in 1908. Since 1992 the Haines has provided a home for elderly and disabled households on Capitol Hill. All of the residents are extremely low-income – on fixed incomes, limited pensions or social security – and some of the residents have lived at the property for as long as 20 years.

The building’s acquisition by Capitol Hill Housing means that the residents will not be forced to move, and that they will be able to maintain their affordable rents. David Stahl, a current resident of the Haines Apartments said “I feel fortunate to have found a home at the Haines. I am relieved to know that Capitol Hill Housing is purchasing the building and it will be affordable for years to come.”

The Haines is an example of our commitment to preservation, occurring just around the corner from the high-profile new development at 12th Avenue Arts. “At a time when our neighborhood is growing and changing at a rapid pace, CHH is not just creating new structures and homes, we are also working hard to preserve the resources that already exist” said Capitol Hill Housing CEO Christopher Persons. “The healthiest neighborhoods are those that protect the homes of long term residents.”

Finding a stable home with CHH

Across our region, residents are trying to get by with less. We all have friends or neighbors who are struggling to pay their medical bills or who are experiencing unemployment for the first time in their lives. Families that never thought they’d need affordable housing are asking for help.

Since 1976, Capitol Hill Housing has ceaselessly supported neighbors who are one paycheck away from homelessness.

One such neighbor is Edie Wilch. As a single mom in 1980′s Seattle, Edie had a hard time finding a stable and affordable home. With the help of Capitol Hill Housing, Edie moved into a two-bedroom apartment at the Casa Di Cinque on 19th Avenue. From that base, she was able to find steady work as an elementary school teacher and raise her daughter Rachel.

Edie and Rachel Wilch

Donating to CHH today keeps current Capitol Hill Housing residents, like Edie and Rachel, in their homes. Your gift increases our capacity to provide affordable housing to families and children, including families in crisis, recent immigrants, people transitioning out of homelessness, and seniors on fixed incomes.

To help us meet our year end goals, The Plum Creek Foundation will match dollar-for-dollar, up to $8,000, any donations made to CHH until the end of December 2011. Their generosity means that a gift made today will automatically have double the impact in our community.

We ask you to consider making a tax-deductible gift right now to keep rents affordable and support over one thousand households. Whether you give $5,000, $500 or $50, making a donation right now will benefit our neighbors in need and will allow CHH to more effectively and efficiently serve our community.  Making a recurring monthly donation is a simple way to support families throughout the year.

Season of Giving: Local Businesses Give Back to CHH

Local marketing firm Golden Lasso will be making the holiday season a bit brighter for CHH residents by making a gift of $1,250 to support our newly launched Resident Services Program. This new initiative, led by CHH staff member Ashley Palar, will provide our low-income tenants with information and access to supportive services and resources that can assist them in achieving long-term housing stability and self-sufficiency.

From December 1st through 10th, NuBe Green will be running a special promotion called “Art of the Party” to benefit 12th Avenue Arts. NuBe will donate 10% of all purchases in store when you mention 12th Avenue Arts and 10% of all purchases online at, when using special code: 12thAveArts at check-out.

We are delighted to receive support from these local businesses. NuBe and Golden Lasso join a growing list of area and neighborhood businesses that are supporting CHH and our newest developments and programs. Their gifts show that community involvement is good business.