A Sabbatical is a Time for Reflection

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As most of you know, our CEO Chris Persons is on a three month sabbatical, returning November 1. I have been Acting CEO for the last month and appreciate all the support that the staff and board have given me in this new role. By way of background, I have worked in the affordable housing world for 29 years – 19 years as a CPA working with affordable housing owners and developers and 10 years here at CHH as CFO and Deputy Director.

A sabbatical is a time for reflection, renewal and growth for the employee. For those employees taking on the duties of the sabbatical taker, it is also a time of growth. (I think the reflection part will come a bit later for me). Of course the organization continues to grow and evolve as well. Every year brings change but 2016 feels like a particularly full year to me. I remind myself that change brings opportunity if you let it and that we at CHH are not shy about seizing opportunities. I welcome your thoughts on change and life at CHH. Just send me an email.

Finally, it is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Robert “Uncle Bob” Santos. An incredible activist, mentor, and leader, he understood better than most the true power of organization to shape the future of a community. His contributions to Seattle, and in particular to the International District, are vast and will remain a shining example for generations to come. Our condolences go out to his wife, Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos.

Jill Fleming, Acting CEO
Jill Fleming, Acting CEO

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