Providing homes – creating great communities

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We are very proud of our buildings – both the character properties that we have preserved and dramatic new construction. But the real reason we do what we do is to provide homes for our neighbors and to create great communities.

In 2012 we opened our 44th building, the Jefferson, in the Central District – welcoming 40 new households to the neighborhood. Three of the first residents to move in were Nicole and Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy and their 15-month-old daughter Vivienne.

Nicole recently completed her Bachelor’s degree and works for the Seattle Alehouses, travelling between Columbia City and Queen Anne. Ben works as a security guard at the Frye Art Museum and is a musician in a number of Seattle bands.

Before finding the Jefferson, they lived in a small one bedroom apartment on Capitol Hill. It was a tight fit for two. Once Vivienne arrived, it was vital that they find a home where a toddler could have room to grow. But affordable homes in central Seattle are few and far between – especially homes that are clean, safe, and quiet.

By providing affordable and high quality housing to families like Nicole and Benjamin’s, we ensure that central Seattle and all Seattle remain vibrant and diverse, and we help our residents to have more spendable income to meet their needs.

GiveBIG on May 15: Donate to CHH through the Seattle Foundation website on May 15, 2013 to support our Resident Services program, which works to build community for all CHH residents.

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