A Home at 12 Ave Arts

April Kim moved into her new home at 12th Avenue Arts in October 2014. Before that she was living in Federal Way with her large extended family, and driving or taking the bus 5 days a week to her job in Queen Anne.

"Some days I could spend 3 or 4 hours on the bus. When I finally got home there was nowhere to walk to, so if I wanted to do anything after work it meant spending more time in the car or on the bus. My first day on Capitol Hill it took me only 10 minutes to get to work, and even less time to get home. And there's so much on Capitol Hill to discover! I can walk home through the park or past new restaurants or a shop I never saw before. There's such a mix of people to see and meet, and I never have to think about where to park!"

April loves photography and is planning to turn her passion into a business. "I just photographed my first wedding professionally and I think it turned out well. Having so much more free time means I can finally explore photography the way I want to. I can take classes, join the Photography Center in the neighborhood, and learn about shooting pictures on film."

All of these new opportunities - living close to work, accessing her neighborhood on foot, and having the time to explore her creative interests - are the result of moving into an affordable home provided by Capitol Hill Housing. CHH is one of very few organizations creating new affordable housing in Seattle's rapidly growing neighborhoods.

"The best thing CHH has done is provide a really good home for me. The building is so nice to look at, it's warm and light, and it's great to know I'm not being discriminated against for my economic status. I'm in the city with a beautiful place to live. I'm just so happy."

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