The Jefferson: Halfway there

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Construction of our new development at 12th & Jefferson is more than 50% complete!

What was once a gas station, and sat vacant for many years, will soon become 40 new affordable homes for members of Seattle’s workforce and their families. In addition to five floors of apartments, the building will offer street-level commercial spaces that we encourage neighborhood businesses to consider leasing. The centrally located Jefferson is set to open in late summer 2012.

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One thought on “The Jefferson: Halfway there

  1. I hope you have have 30% of income housing for 60 yr olds on disabitliry in there
    I know i am not the only one in seattle who is sleepng on friends couches. There are very few women of the bommer lesbien women wo have be forced to go on dissability,who bring in 1500 a mounth.