More Progress at 12th Avenue Arts

The ground beneath 12th Avenue Arts is well and truly BROKEN. In fact, where the police parking lot once lay at the corner of 12th and Pine, there is now a 30-foot hole beneath the surface. The hole won’t be there for long either – it will soon be filled with shoring, then concrete, and in the blink of a bulldozer we are going to see a glorious new 6-story building.

Despite having taken a decade-and-a-half to reach this point, the construction of 12th Avenue Arts will be complete before we know it. Keep an eye on our blog for more updates!

And of course you can see more photos on our facebook page.

Spring Flowers

Last year CHH held a corporate “Day of Caring” at Hazel Plaza. Dozens of volunteers from Microsoft planted more than 300 spring bulbs which are now blooming!  If you are in the neighborhood come by and check out the daffodils, tulips, glads and more!


12th Avenue Arts breaks ground!

After 14 years (but who’s counting?) Capitol Hill Housing finally held a groundbreaking ceremony for our monumental and long-awaited project 12th Avenue Arts!

On Thursday afternoon a warm and enthusiastic crowd gathered at Velocity Dance Center across the street from the 12th Avenue Arts site, to hear from Christopher Persons, Mayor Mike McGinn, Deputy Seattle Police Chief Nick Metz, Senator Ed Murray, Councilmember Nick Licata, local business owner Linda Derschang and others as we celebrated the very first day of work on this visionary new building on Capitol Hill.

The Bucharest Drinking Team played Balkan flavored dance music, Via Tribunali made pizzas, Caffe Vita handed out coffee, and Councilmember Licata asked “why not remove a parking lot to build housing above a theater?” Why not indeed.

Thanks to everyone who came to this wonderful party, which reflected the shape of things to come at 12th Avenue Arts!


The Haines Apartments

On Tuesday, CHH purchased the Haines Apartments, a Capitol Hill building providing homes for 30 low-income elderly and disabled residents.

Located at 1415 E. Olive Street, the Haines Apartments is a 3-story brick walk up, built in 1908. Since 1992 the Haines has provided a home for elderly and disabled households on Capitol Hill. All of the residents are extremely low-income – on fixed incomes, limited pensions or social security – and some of the residents have lived at the property for as long as 20 years.

The building’s acquisition by Capitol Hill Housing means that the residents will not be forced to move, and that they will be able to maintain their affordable rents. David Stahl, a current resident of the Haines Apartments said “I feel fortunate to have found a home at the Haines. I am relieved to know that Capitol Hill Housing is purchasing the building and it will be affordable for years to come.”

The Haines is an example of our commitment to preservation, occurring just around the corner from the high-profile new development at 12th Avenue Arts. “At a time when our neighborhood is growing and changing at a rapid pace, CHH is not just creating new structures and homes, we are also working hard to preserve the resources that already exist” said Capitol Hill Housing CEO Christopher Persons. “The healthiest neighborhoods are those that protect the homes of long term residents.”